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VLTN is a Belgium based IT Consultancy and Solutions SME, dedicated to research and development of innovative solutions that harness the Cloud to simulate, digitalise and transform business processes and products. Its main focus is on security, the transport and logistics industries, and healthcare sectors.

VLTN employs techniques such as large-scale, Cloud-based simulations for real time, optimised decision and optimisation, and massive graph databases to mine intelligence from security and business data and to utilise them in situation awareness, performance optimisation and other business insights.

The company’s vision is one of a seamless virtual collaborative environment for communities of organisations, underpinned by technologies such as massive data driven simulators, distributed ledgers and blockchain for trusted data sharing. This essentially creates autonomous distributed control systems where optimal cooperation is achieved and risks minimised. As an enabler to this vision, VLTN designs flexible architectures for IT/IoT Big data management. These yield a wider range of business-improvement opportunities through analysis and optimization, combining field IoT and corporate IT system data of any volume, velocity or variety. With the convergence of IT and IoT, a new level of deep and reactive analytics can be supported across areas and functions, such as supply chain, procurement, inventory and materials management, reliability and maintainability, scheduling and resource optimization. 


VLTN is in the forefront of applied Cloud and Big Data solutions and an
indispensable strategic partner for the forward thinking-ICT-driven organisation of the 21st Century.
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