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VLTN is a key technology partner in several large European collaborative R&D projects. In project CORE (2013-2018) it developed solutions for security and resilience in supply chains based on Cloud and Big Data Technologies.

It developed supply chain knowledge graphs from Big data captured from the operational IT systems of thousands of supply chains and tradelanes, based on which Big Data analytics can help decision makers understand better the compliance, security and other risks associated with each supply chain. Approaches for supply chain risk analysis, for both strategic and operational risk were developed and demonstrated. In Horizon 2020 Project EUTravel (2014-17), VLTN build travel recommendation intelligent assistants on the Cloud, by utilising Open and Linked Data, and Machine Learning Techniques.

We developed a novel approach to populate the knowledge bases of travel recommender systems by utilising data freely available in online sources and on social media. In EU R&D Project SELIS (2015-19) VLTN is developing planning and optimisation tools for collaborative logistics hubs. We explore the potential of an autonomous control system, using model-predictive techniques, that drives supply chain wide decision making, based on shared data received from the supply chain’s collaborative partners.

In project CHARIOT (2017-20) the Company applies its expertise to develop novel in depth, security and safety systems for industrial IoT applications including health care and the financial sector. In this project we utilise our expertise in defence-in-depth cybersecurity architectures to capture analyse and filter IoT sensor data in real time, to prevent the catastrophic consequences of malicious data reaching the industrial control system.
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