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Advanced cybersecurity solutions

VLTN has selected software defined perimeters (SDP) as a strategic focus for its research and consultancy services. Through its alliance with Waverley Labs, VLTN is in a strong position to offer SDP solutions to European companies increasingly seeking to improve their risk profile.

With the adoption of cloud services, the threat of network attacks against application infrastructure increases since servers cannot be protected with traditional perimeter defence techniques. According to IEEE, SDP is an emerging security architecture that restricts network access and connections between allowed elements. With origins in the defence IT infrastructure and spreading to enterprise use, it promises to help mitigate a broad set of security vulnerabilities that afflict IT infrastructure protected by conventional perimeter security. SDP serves to identify the source and destination of a network connection and assumes there is no trust between potential participants and a secure connection is only granted when explicitly permitted.

Essentially, SDP technology significantly reduces the attack surface area, by hiding information and mandating pre-authentication and pre-authorisation . Unauthorised users (i.e. attackers) from unvalidated devices cannot see, port scan or access any asset within? the protected network, and therefore cannot exploit any vulnerabilities, inject any code or install malware (including ransomware). Traditional perimeters security protects against external attacks which does not work if intrusions compromise elements within the external perimeter. SDP trusts no-one and no devices as a default, and two-way encrypted connections are granted on a case-by-case basis.
Waverley Labs leads the open source SDP effort for ‘black’ apps in the cloud with the Cloud Security Alliance and is an active contributor to NIST leading the creation of a security risk index system for moving apps to the cloud (NIST 500-299). The SDP has been tested repeatedly and proven to stop all forms of known network attacks. As co-authors of Cloud Security Alliance’s
Software Defined Perimeter, Waverley Labs are uniquely qualified to offer solutions with the industry’s first open-source software defined perimeter.

VLTN and Waverley Labs have initiated a joint research project to investigate the way SDP can be enhanced utilising AI technologies.

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